The accreditation certificate of independent expert accreditation #0000016 dated of April 2016 giving the right to perform examination and determining conformity of a subject of licence (licensee/applicant) to the qualifying requirements in the declared accreditation field"In the sphere of the depths use (operation of industrial explosive and fire-hazardous and mining facilities, processing of mineral raw materials, drilling operations for oil and gas), in the sphere of power engineering (production, transfer and distribution of thermal and electrical energy, purchase for the purpose of reselling electrical energy)(05.06.16)


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Accreditation field

  1. Certification of products and services:

1.1 Oil and gas field equipment:

1.2 Mining equipment

1.3 Mechanical engineering products:

- single-bucket excavators, dozers, scraper, loading machines, mine dump truck, mobile shelving of SP type;

- Steel cables,

- crane and pipe-stringing machines, single-bucket front loaders; rack stacker cranes, overhead stacker cranes, bridge cranes, jib cranes, autocranes, portal electric cranes;

- hand hoists, builder's mast freight hoists, universal truck loaders, electric driven hoisting tackles, electric driven lifts, lifts;

- rigs;

- grapplers;

- pressure vessels (heat exchangers) (steam and water; gases; combustible and poisonous liquids);

- steam and water boilers, heating boilers, steam or other steam generating boilers; boilers with superheaters, gas turbine units;

- machines for pulp-and-paper industry;

- mobile buildings;

- fastening items (bolts, pins, studs, nuts, split cottars, washers and screws);

- ferrous metal goods;

- passenger and goods lifts;

- food equipment;

- reservoirs, tanks, tubs and other similar type vessels made of ferrous metal including vessels for petroleum products, containers;

- tractors;

- universal power devices, motor cultivators, mechanized concrete mixing plants, batch building materials mixers, asphalt-mixing plants, asphalt pavers, inclined-axis mixers, binder distributors, motor graders, self-propelled vibration rollers;

- heating equipment (home gas stoves, water-heaters, burner devices, liquid-fuel household devices;

- heating equipment; cast iron radiators, steel radiators made of plate or coiled steel, cast aluminium radiators, aluminium radiators made of extruded sections, tubular radiators, convectors;

- dishes;

- pipes;

- rolled metal;

- steel for armoring, reinforcing steel, light plate galvanized steel of continuous lines, simple carbon steel;

-welded connections of metal structures;

- cooper and alloys;

- aluminium and alloys;

- bronzes;

- tin;

- ferrous alloys;

- secondary metals, secondary ferrous metals, scraps and rejects of nonferrous metals and alloys;

- railway goods;

- vehicles and special purpose cars; 

1.4 Electrical products for industrial purpose, electrical household equipment and electronic devices.

1.5 Construction materials and structures.

1.6 Woodworking goods.

1.7 Oil products.

1.8 Raw material.

1.9 Chemical agents and substances.

1.10 Accumulators and accumulator battery.  

1.11 Calcium, tin-base and lead white metals.

1.12 Industrial explosives, black powders, detonators.

1.13 Perfume and cosmetic products.

1.14 Pressure-suction non-armoured rubber hoses with textile frame; armoured rubber hoses.

1.15 Electrodes and welding materials.

1.16 Cargo slings on textile base for general purpose.

1.17 Iron-silicon anode grounding conductors.

1.18 Production facilities and organization zones (work spaces).

1.19 Maintenance and repair services for auto vehicles.

1.20 Services of refueling stations and oil products storehouses.

2. Certification of management systems.

2.1 Certification of quality management systems as per ISO 9001.

2.2 Certification of environmental management systems as per ISO 14001.

2.3 Certification of occupational health and safety management systems as per OHSAS 18001.

Why do you need QMS as per ISO 9000

Requirements of customers
Entry into external market
Requirements of state authorities
Competitive advantage
To introduce proper order in the company



Dear customers , be informed, LLP "SAPA INTERSYSTEM" got certificate for the right to work in the field of industrial safety for 10.04.2017 year.





We report that SAPA INTERSISTEM LLP carried out reaccreditation of body for confirmation of conformity of systems of management of 15.12.2016




Registered in the register of accreditation of subjects.